The President of Singapore is the head of state, being elected by universal suffrage since 1993. Previously, the President was elected by the unicameral Parliament, with executive power remaining with the Prime Minister. The President's official residence is called the Istana.

The office of President was created in 1965 after Singapore became a Republic on its departure from the Federation of Malaysia in that year. It replaced the office of Yang di-Pertua Negara, which had been created when Singapoe gained self-government in 1959. The last Yang di-Pertua Negara, Yusuf Ishak, became the first President. He was replaced by Benjamin Sheares, who served as President until his death in 1981, when he was succeeded by CV Devan Nair. Owing to personal problems, Nair stepped down in 1985 and was replaced by Wee Kim Wee, who served as President until 1993. In 1992, the Constitution was amended to allow for the direct election of the President, who would have the right of veto over civil service appointments and the use of government reserves. The first directly elected President was Ong Teng Cheong, a former government minister.

The incumbent President is SR Nathan.

List of presidents

  1. 1965-1970: Yusuf Ishak (1910-1970)
  2. 1970-1981: Benjamin Sheares (1907-1981)
  3. 1981-1985: CV Devan Nair (born 1923)
  4. 1985-1993: Wee Kim Wee (born 1915)
  5. 1993-1999: Ong Teng Cheong (1936-2002)
  6. From 1999: SR Nathan (born 1924)

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