"Ras Triya Gaan" ("May Glory Crown You, Courageous Sovereign" or "May Glory Crown Our Illustrious Sovereign"), adopted in 1962, is a hommage to the ruler of Nepal and the country's national anthem. The music is composed by Bakhat Bahadur Budhapirthi in 1899, and the lyrics are by Sri Chakra Pani Chalise in 1924.

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Nepali transliteration

Shri mān gumbhira nepāli prachanda pratāpi bhupati
Shri pānch sarkār mahārājādhirāja sadā rahos unati
Rakhun chi rāyu eeshale prajā phailiyos pukāraun jaya premale
Hāmi nepāli bhaee sārāle.


May glory crown you, courageous Sovereign,
You, the gallant Nepalese,
Shri Pansh Maharajadhiraja, our glorious ruler,
May he live for many years to come
And may the number of his subjects increase.
Let every Nepalese sing this with joy.

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