Rüte is municipality of the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden in Switzerland. It has a population of 2,600 (2000, estimate). The area of Rüte is 4,082 hectares.

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Coat of Arms

The coat of arms shows a golden crown on a black background. From the crown a swan's nack with a red beak emerges. This is a modified version of the coat of arms of the Schönenbühl family who were the landlords of the abbey in St. Gallen in the 13th century. The family formerly resided in a castle in Rüte.


The name Rüte goes back to Reuten, which refers to the German word roden (wood clearing). The name originally comes from one of the two hamlets called Rüti.


The municipality was formally established in
1872 and did not undergo major changes since then.

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