The San Francisco Chronicle is northern California's largest newspaper. Serving primarily the San Francisco Bay Area, it has a daily circulation of over 500,000. The paper has been owned by Hearst Communications, Inc since July 27, 2000. At one time the Chronicle's competitor, the Examiner, made San Francisco a "two paper" town, even though both papers were printed and distributed by the same company. The Examiner still exists, but is now free and little more than a tabloid. The newspaper was founded in 1865 by brothers Charles deYoung and Michael H. deYoung. As of 2003 the president of the company is Steven Falk, the executive vice president and editor is Phil Bronstein, and the vice president and managing editor is Robert Rosenthal.

The main offices of the newspaper are based in the South-Of-Market area of San Francisco. The paper has received the Pulitzer Prize for journalistic excellence on a number of occasions.

The online version of the newspaper, SFGate is led by the vice president Robert Cauthorn and the news director Vlae Kershner. As well as publishing the San Francisco Chronicle online, SFGate adds other features not available in the printed version.

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