Sayed Qutb (9th October 1906 in Musha - executed on 29th August 1966), important theoretician of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

He first received a religious and then a modernist education before starting his career in the Ministry of Public Instruction. From 1948 to 1951 he was in America on a scholarship to study the educational system. What he saw in America, its morals, and especially the free conduct of its women, so shocked him that he wrote a book in denunciation of what he took for paganism. Resigning from the civil service he became the most persuasive publicist of the Muslim Brotherhood .


  • Mahammat ash-Sha'ir fi-l-hayat wa-shi'r al-jil al-hadir, 1933
  • ash-Shati al-majhul, 1935
  • al-Taswir al-Fanni fi-l-Qu'ran, 1944/45
  • Tifl min al-qarya (autobiographical work), 1946
  • Al-Adala al-Ijtima'iyya fi-l-Islam (Social Justice in Islam), 1949
  • Fi zilat al-Qur'an (In the shadow of the Quran), 1954, commentary of the Quran in 30 volumes