Shanghai Knights is a movie released February 3, 2003. It is the sequel to Shanghai Noon.

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Jackie Chan .... Chon Wang
Owen Wilson .... Roy O'Bannon
Donnie Yen ... Wu Chow
Aidan Gillen .... Lord Nelson Rathbone
Fann Wong .... Chon Lin
Tom Fisher .... Artie Doyle
Gemma Jones .... Queen Victoria
Aaron Johnson .... Charlie Chaplin


David Dobkin


Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

Chon Wang's (Jackie Chan) father gets murdered. His sister witnesses the murder, and sends a Lock puzzle to him where he is living as a sheriff in the wild west of the United States. He travels to New York to find his friend, Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson), who has squandered their fortune. They travel to London to find the murderer and his sister. Several adventures later, the bad guys, a King of England wannabee, and an Emperor of China wannabee, are dispatched by Wang and his sister. O'Bannon proves his bravery and his friendship to Chon.

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