Shaoshan (韶山, pinyin Sho Shān) is a city of Xiangtan, Hunan Province, known as the birthplace of Mao Zedong, the founder of the People's Republic of China.

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Shaoshan City administers 2 towns (鎮) and 6 rural towns (鄉):
  • Qingxi (清溪鎮)
  • Yintian (銀田鎮)
  • Ruyi (如意鄉)
  • Shaoshan (韶山鄉)
  • Yanglin (楊林鄉)
  • Daping (大坪鄉)
  • Yintian (銀田鄉)
  • Yongyi (永義鄉)

Administrative history

The various names and administrative levels of Shaoshan:
  • 1652 (Qing Dynasty): Qidu (七都), Xiangtan District (縣)
  • 1912 (Republic of China): The Second District (第二區), Xi Township (西鄉), Xiangtan County
  • December 1932: The Ninth District, Xiangtan County
  • 1947: Qingtian Township, Xiangtan County
  • January 1950 (People's Republic of China): The Third District, Xiangtan County
  • 1951: The Fourth District, Xiangtan County
  • August 1, 1955: Yintian District, Xiangtan County
  • 1956: Yintian Town, Xiangtan County
  • September 1, 1958: Shaoshan People's Commune, Xiangtan County
  • May 12, 1961: Shaoshan District, Xiangtan County
  • December 1968: county-controlled district status upgraded to regional district (地級區), controlled directly by the province
  • December 1981: reverted back to be county-controlled
  • December 1984: upgraded to county-class district (縣級區), controlled by Xiangtan City
  • December 26, 1990: Upgraded to county-class city, controlled by Xiangtan City on behalf of the province.

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