Spike TV is the new name of the TNN cable network (originally The Nashville Network, later The National Network or The New TNN). It was marketed as the first television network for men. The name change was supposed to coincide with its change in programming, including shows like Stripperella and the Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon; however, on June 19, 2003, Spike Lee won a New York State Supreme Court injunction preventing the name change, which Lee feared viewers would associate with him.

On July 8,2003, the suit was settled, and TNN was allowed to call itself Spike TV. The name change became official on August 11th of that same year. However, Spike TV may be taken off the air in Canada due to the pre-existing Men TV network there, which had already been granted exclusive rights to the all-for-men programming format by the CRTC.

Spike TV operates as part of MTV Networks, owned by Viacom.

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