Stetsasonic was an American hip hop group formed in 1981 (see 1981 in music) in Brooklyn. They have become well-remembered as one of the first hip hop crews to use a live band, and their positive, uplifting lyrics have made the group forerunners of alternative hip hop and jazz rap.

Prince Paul, Wise, DBC, Daddy O, Delite and Frukwan formed the group as the Stetson Brothers but thcngaed their name to Stetsasonic for their debut, Fire (1986, 1986 in music). The album received mixed reviews, though the follow-ups, Full Gear and Blood, Sweat & No Tears were critically acclaimed.

The group broke up soon after the release of ''Blood, Sweat & No Tears. Frukwan and Prince Paul worked with the Gravediggaz, while the latter also became a well-respected record producer, as did Daddy O, who worked for Mary J. Blige and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others.