Sung Chiao-jen (宋教仁 Pinyin: Song4 Jiao4-ren2) (1882March 22 1913) was a Chinese revolutionary and political leader.

Birth given name: Lian (鍊 Lian4)
Courtesy name: Dunchu (鈍初 Dun4-chu1)

In 1905, together with Sun Yat-sen, Sung helped found and was a leading activist in the Tongmenghui, which was an organization dedicated to the overthrow of the Manchu Qing Dynasty and the formation of a republic. After the declaration of the Republic of China, Sung helped transform the Tongmenghui into the Kuomintang (or Nationalist Party).

He died of wounds from an assassination in Shanghai on March 20, 1913 at a Shanghai rail station when he was planning to deliver speeches for supporting a cabinet system. Yuan Shikai was speculated to be the instigator of this plot.

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