T (from T to T)
T1 (from T1 to T1 space)
T2 (from T2 to T2FD Antenna)
T3 (from T3 to T3)
T4 (from T4 to T4)
T_ (from T-1A to Túrin Turambar)
Ta (from Ta' Dmejrek to Tazlina, Alaska)
Tb (from Tb to TBS Superstation)
Tc (from TCG Muavenet to Tczew)
Td (from TD to TDK)
Te (from Te Deum to Tezuka Osamu)
Tg (from TG4 to TGZ)
Th (from Th to Thyrsus)
Ti (from TI to Tizoc)
Tj (from TJ Turtle to Tjorven)
Tk (from Tk to TKS)
Tl (from TLA to TLS)
Tm (from TM to TMPFS)
Tn (from TN to TNX-901)
To (from To Autumn to Tozai Line (Kobe))
Tp (from TPE to TPU programming language)
Tq (from TQS to TQS)
Tr (from TR to Trzebnica County)
Ts (from TS to Tsymbaly)
Tt (from TTD to TTY)
Tu (from Tu bandera es un lampo de cielo to Tuzapán)
Tv (from TV2 to TVS Television Network)
Tw (from Twa to Twyla Tharp)
Tx (from TX to Txt)
Ty (from Ty Cobb to Tyuratam)
Tz (from Tzacol to Tzvi Feldman)