Terrace can mean several different things:

  • A levelled section of a hilly cultivated area, designed to slow or prevent the rapid run-off of irrigation water. Often such land is formed into multiple terraces, giving a stepped appearance. This form of land use is prevalent in many countries, and is used for crops requiring a lot of water, such as rice. Terraces are also easier for both mechanical and manual sowing and harvesting than a steep slope would be.

  • A style of housing where individual houses are cojoined into rows, which can be long or short. The style originated with workers' housing during the great industrial boom following the industrial revolution, particularly in the textile industry. The style spread widely in the UK, and was the usual form of high density residential housing up to World War Two.

  • The spectator areas of a stadium are often referred to as terraces, especially in the UK. Originally set out for standing room only, they are now usually equipped with seating. Either way, the term originates from the step-like rows which resemble agricultural terraces.

Terrace is the name of a community in the province of British Columbia, Canada.