Singapore has become noted among international travellers as an exciting travel destination. Its cultural diversity reflects its rich colonial history and Malay, Chinese, Arab and Indian ethnicities.

Singapore is a highly efficient, very clean and safe city, with English as one of its numerous official languages.

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1 Shopping
2 Resorts
3 Animal Parks
4 Food in Singapore
5 Boat Quay
6 Clarke Quay


For many years considered to be the business hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore has an expansive shopping precinct located in the Orchard Road district. Filled with several multistorey shopping centres, the area also has many hotels, and is regarded by many as the tourism centre of Singapore.


Sentosa is a relatively large island of Singapore located to its south. Along with a beachfront resort, the island features a historical museum, the Underwater World aquarium and several other tourist attractions.

Clarke Quay's riverside restaurants
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Animal Parks

Another popular tourist attraction in Singapore is the Singapore Zoo and its Night Safari, which allows people to explore Asian, African and South American habitats at night, without any visible barriers between guests and the wild animals.

Also famous is the Jurong BirdPark, wherein there are specimens of magnificent bird life from around the world, including a flock of one thousand flamingoes.

Food in Singapore

Food from cultures all over the world is available in Singapore. Chinese, Malay, Indian, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Australian and Middle-eastern cuisines are popular.

There is also a proliferation of American fast-food chains, such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Burger King.

Boat Quay

This is a stretch of restaurants and pubs along the western bank of the Singapore River, between South Bridge Road and the UOB Plaza, and is popular with the young adult office workers and foreign expatriates.

Clarke Quay

This is a stretch of riverbank about ten minutes' walk upriver from Boat Quay. It has a similar range of pubs and restaurants as Boat Quay, as well as the famed Satay Club and a wide range of shops and occasional promotional events.