U (from U to U)
U2 (from U2 to U2 (band))
U_ (from U-238 to UK)
Ua (from Ua to UAZ)
Ub (from UB40 to Ubykh phonology)
Uc (from Uc berkeley to UCSD Pascal)
Ud (from Ud to Udzima wa ya Masiwa)
Ue (from UE to Ueuecoyotl)
Uf (from Ufa to UFS)
Ug (from Ugadi to Ugol's law)
Uh (from UH-1 Iroquois to Uhrichsville, Ohio)
Ui (from UIAA to Uithoorn)
Uj (from Uji to Ujung Pandang)
Uk (from UK classical chart to Ukupanipo)
Ul (from Ul to Ulzana's Raid)
Um (from Uma to Umtata)
Un (from Un Ballo in Maschera to Unx)
Uo (from Uozu to Uozu)
Up (from Up to Upyr)
Uq (from Uqair Protocol of 1922 to Uqbar)
Ur (from Ur to Urzad Ochrony Panstwa)
Us (from US 130th Engineer Brigade to Usury)
Ut (from UT to Utva)
Uu (from UU to Uuu operating system)
Uv (from UV astronomy to Uvular consonant)
Uw (from UW to Uwe Schmidt)
Ux (from Uxbridge to Uxmal)
Uz (from Uzbek to Uzziah)