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Located in San Francisco, California, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is one of the nine University of California campuses. It is the only one to offer no undergraduate instruction. Instead, it focuses on biomedical research, training physicians and graduate students. As in the tradition of the University of California's credo of service, UCSF accepts graduate students principally from California. The only medical school to not use this bias is UCLA's David Geffen.

UCSF is known mostly for its AIDS research, patient care and community care projects; over the years it has grown in prominence along with other major medical research universities such as The John Hopkins University, Harvard University, Duke University, and Washington University in St. Louis as a training ground for medical researchers in offering a PhD in a biomedical subject as well as a medical doctorate. UCSF is extremely unique in that it does research almost completely within medical disciplines and tops all medical schools in NSF-NIH funding at $433 million (2000). It ranks 9th overall in the nation for all research universities solely for its R&D funding within the medical sciences. Second to UCSF is the JHU Medical School at nearly $300 million spent in 2000.

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