The United States Open Golf Tournament is an annual event run by the United States Golf Association. US Opens are held for both men and women; each is among the most important tournaments in the sport. The men's version is part of the PGA TOUR and the women's version is part of the LPGA tour.

Men's tournament:

  • The first U.S. Open Mens Championship run by the United States Golf Association was played on October 4, 1895 on a nine-hole course in Newport, Rhode Island. In the beginning, the tournament was dominated by experienced British players until 1911 when John J. McDermott became the first native-born American winner. Very quickly American golfers began to win and the tournament evolved to become one of the four tournaments comprising the prestigious Grand Slam of golf.

Men's US Open Champions: The US Open Womens Golf tournament is one of the LPGA's major championships along with the LPGA Championship, the Women's British Open, and the Kraft Nabisco Championship.

Women's US Open Champions: