V (from V to V)
V1 (from V10 to V1 missile)
V2 (from V20 to V20)
V4 (from V4 to V4)
V5 (from V5 interface to V5 interface)
V6 (from V6 to V6)
V8 (from V8 to V8 Supercar)
V_ (from V. to Völkerwanderung)
Va (from VA to VAZ)
Vb (from VBScript to VBX)
Vc (from VC to VCL (Vixen Controlled Library))
Vd (from VDC to VDV)
Ve (from Ve to Vezina Trophy)
Vf (from VF/VFR to VFW-Fokker GmbH)
Vg (from VG to Vger)
Vh (from VH1 to VHSIC Hardware Description Language)
Vi (from Vi to Vizier)
Vl (from Vlaams Blok to Vltava)
Vm (from VM to VMware)
Vn (from Vne to VNV Nation)
Vo (from Vo Nguyen Giap to Voynich Manuscript)
Vp (from VP to VPRO)
Vr (from VR to Vrsac)
Vs (from VS to VST)
Vt (from VT100 to VTU)
Vu (from VU to Vurt)
Vv (from VVS to VVS)
Vw (from VW Beetle to VW Scirocco)
Vx (from VX to VxWorks)
Vy (from Vyacheslav Molotov to Vyborg)