Västra Götaland County, or Västra Götalands län is a County or län on the western coast of Sweden. It borders to the counties of Värmland, Örebro, Östergötland, Jönköping and Halland. It is also bounded by the Norwegian county of Østfold, lakes Vättern and Vänern, as well as the sea of Skagerrak. The largest city in the county is Gothenburg.

Västra Götalands län
Residence CityGothenburg
County CouncilVästra Götalandsregionen
 - Total
 - Percent
Ranked 5th
23,945 km²
5.8 %
 - Total (1999)
 - Percent
 - Density
Ranked 2nd
16.8 %


For History, Geography and Culture see: Westrogothia, Bahusia, Dalia

Västra Götaland County consists of the provinces Westrogothia, Bahusia and Dalia.


Main article: Västra Götaland County Administrative Board

Västra Götaland was created in 1999 by a merger of the three former counties of Gothenburg and Bohus County, Älvsborg County and Skaraborg County. The seat of residence for the Governors or Landshövding is Gothenburg. The Governor is the head of the County Administrative Board or Länsstyrelse.


Main article: Västra Götaland Regional Council

The Regional Council of Västra Götaland or Västra Götalandsregionen is an evolved County Council that for a trial period has assumed certain tasks from the County Administrative Board. Similar provisions are applicable to the counties of Skåne and Gotland during the trial period.


Main article: Municipalities of Västra Götaland

  1. Ale
  2. Alingsås
  3. Bengtsfors
  4. Bollebygd
  5. Borås
  6. Dals-Ed
  7. Essunga
  8. Falköping
  9. Färgelanda
  10. Grästorp
  11. Gullspång
  12. Götene
  13. Gothenburg
  14. Herrljunga
  15. Hjo
  16. Härryda
  17. Karlsborg
  18. Kungälv
  1. Lerum
  2. Lidköping
  3. Lilla Edet
  4. Lysekil
  5. Mariestad
  6. Mark
  7. Mellerud
  8. Munkedal
  9. Mölndal
  10. Orust
  11. Partille
  12. Skara
  13. Skövde
  14. Sotenäs
  15. Stenungsund
  16. Strömstad
  17. Svenljunga
  18. Tanum
  1. Tibro
  2. Tidaholm
  3. Tjörn
  4. Tranemo
  5. Trollhättan
  6. Töreboda
  7. Uddevalla
  8. Ulricehamn
  9. Vara
  10. Vårgårda
  11. Vänersborg
  12. Åmål
  13. Öckerö


Main article: Heraldry of Westrogothia

The arms for the County of Västra Götaland was granted in 1999 when the county was formed. It a combination of the provincial arms of Westrogothia, Bahusia and Dalia with the arms for the city of Gothenburg. When the arms is shown with a royal crown it represents the County Administrative Board, which is the regional presence of (royal) government authority. Blazon: "Quartered, I. the arms of Gothenburg, II. the arms of Bahusia, III. the arms of Dalia turned in courtoisie, IV. the arms of Westrogothia."

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