The VCL (Vixen Controlled Library) is the world's largest archive of furry and anthropomorphic material.

VCL was originally an abbreviation for "Velar Central Library" that dated back to the days when its founding administrator, Brian W. Antoine, provided public ftp access to his personal collection of furry art; the "Velar" in the name was taken from a location in a series of furry stories written by Brian.

However, when the archived moved to its current location, hosted for free on the student computer society network at the University of Linköping, Sweden, Brian suggested that the term "Velar" should not be used any longer, and the archive was renamed to just "VCL". Calling the archive "Vixen Controlled Library" is not officially recognized, but has nonetheless become common in furry fandom, and there is also a regular joke among some contributors to think up new meanings for the abbreviation "VCL".

The VCL currently possesses two mirrors:

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