VDV (BDB), Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska, or "Airborne Desant Troops" in English, is a Russian military unit.

VDV is a distinct branch of the Russian military, along with Russian Navy, Air Force and Russian Army (quite similar to United States Marine Corps, since USMC is also a separate branch of US military). Airborne troops are the best assault forces Russia has in the army, and, of course, VDV are also the most mobile, since it is airborne in the first place.

After the demise of the Soviet Union, the number of VDV divisions has shrunk to four (7th Airborne Division, 76th Airborne Division, 98th Airborne Division, and 106th Airborne Division) but they remain as efficient and as battle-ready, as previously. Furthermore, 76th Airborne Division is the only Russian army division, that is fully composed of contract soldiers (and not of "srochniki" - the conscripted soldiers aged 18).

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