W (from W to W)
W0 (from W00t to W07CB)
W3 (from W3m to W3m)
W_ (from W. A. C. Bennett to WŻnseradiel)
Wa (from Wa to Wayzata, Minnesota)
Wc (from WCFE to WCW)
Wd (from WD-40 to WDM)
We (from We to Wezembeek-Oppem)
Wf (from WFF to WFS)
Wg (from Wget to WGS 84)
Wh (from Wha Ti, Northwest Territories to Whyte notation)
Wi (from Wi to Wizzard)
Wk (from WKBW to WKRP in Cincinnati)
Wl (from Wladimir Klitschko to WLS)
Wm (from Wm Morrison Supermarkets to WMTW)
Wn (from WNBC to WNYC)
Wo (from Woad to WOWOW)
Wp (from WP to WPXN)
Wr (from Wraith to Wrzesnia)
Ws (from Wschowa County to WSFL)
Wt (from WTO Dispute Settlement Body to WTTW-TV)
Wu (from Wu to Wuxia film)
Wv (from WVO to WVO)
Ww (from WWE Smackdown to WWVH)
Wx (from WX to WxWindows)
Wy (from Wyaconda, Missouri to Wyvern)