Yángshuň (阳朔) is a small town in Guangxi Province, China. Surrounded by towering karst peaks, bordered on one side by the Li river and easily accessible by bus from nearby Guilin, it has become popular with foreign backpackers as a place to unwind.

The town of Yangshuo from a nearby karst peak. The Li river can be seen in the background.


The town borders the Li river on one side, and is situated on a small plain between a number of karst peaks. Two main roads run away from the water and form the central part of the town, Chinese Street and West Street (西街). Most foreign oriented businesses, such as hostels, hotels, and entertainment venues, are situated on West Street.


Visitors to Yangshuo often swim in the Li river, climb one of the many nearby karst peaks, hire a bicycle for a trip through the karst scenery or simply relax in the town itself, which is largely devoid of vehicular traffic. Additionally, there is a butterfly zoo near the town and a number of cave systems.