The Zhaojun Tomb (昭君墓), located beside a river in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the People's Republic of China, is said to be the resting place of Wang Zhaojun, a commoner woman from the Chinese Han Empire who married a Xiongnu Chanyu. The cemetery is 1.3-hectare, with a 33-metre mound containing Zhaojun's coffin, making it a landmark of the region.

The first Chinese mention of the cemetery in written record is in the Tang Dynasty, by Du You (杜佑) in A Comprehensive Guide (通典 Tong Dian).

It is called by the local Mongols as Temür Urkhu(?) (特木爾烏爾虎), meaning "Iron Wall". The nickname "Green Mound" (青塚 qin1 zhong3) is a legend that in autumn, when all grass and tree wither, those plants on the cemetery mound continue to prosper.

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