Centuries: 11th century BC - 10th century BC - 9th century BC

Decades: 970s BC 960s BC 950s BC 940s BC 930s BC - 920s BC - 910s BC 900s BC 890s BC 880s BC 870s BC

Events and Trends
  • 925 BC - On the death of king Solomon, his son Rehoboam is unable to hold the tribes of Israel together, and the northern part secedes to become the kingdom of Israel, making Jeroboam its king. Rehoboam was left to rule the kingdom of Judah.
  • 924 BC - Osorkon I succeeds his father Shoshenq I as king of Egypt.
  • 922 BC - Phorbas, King of Athens dies after a reign of 30 years and is succeeded by his son Megacles.

Significant People