'Blue' Gene Tyranny (Robert Sheff) is a avant-garde composer and pianist. He has toured with the Carla Bley Band and the Prime Movers (which included pre-Stooge Iggy Pop and Michael Erlewine, founder of the All Music Guide) and has performed on albums of music by Laurie Anderson (Strange Angels), David Behrman (On the Other Ocean), John Cage (Cheap Imitation and Empty Words), and Robert Ashley (Perfect Lives).

He is also an editor for All Music Guide, as is musician Eugene Chadbourne.

Articles reviewed by Tyranny in All Music Guide

  • Robert Ashley -
  • Milton Babbitt -
  • Jean Barraqué - ...Au Dela Du Hasard (...Beyond Mere Luck) (1959) for Four Instrumental Formations And, Le Temps Restitu (1968) Excerpt from "La Mort De Virgile" (The Death of Virgil) by Hermann Broch
  • Martin Bartlett (didn't write bio) - Pythagoras' Ghost
  • Henry Brant -
  • Earle Brown -
  • Nicolas Collins - 100 of the World's Most Beautiful Melodies, Devil's Music
  • Deep Listening Band (didn't write bio) - Troglodyte's Delight, The Ready Made Boomerang
  • David Dunn - Music, Language and Environment
  • Robert Erickson - Robert Erickson
  • Morton Feldman -
  • Ellen Fullman (did not write bio) - Body Music, Staggered Stasis
  • Phil Harmonic -
  • Lejaren Hiller -
  • Joan La Barbara - Sound Paintings, 73 Poems (Texts by Kenneth Goldsmith), ShamanSong
  • Annea Lockwood -
  • Luigi Nono -
  • Pauline Oliveros (didn't write bio) - Crone, The Roots of the Moment, Duo for Accordion and Bandoneon with Possible Mynah Bird Obbligato (See-saw),
  • William Russell (no bio) - Made in America: The Complete Works of William Russell
  • The Sleepers (no bio) - Sleepers
  • Louise Talma -
  • Toru Takemitsu -
  • James Tenney -
  • David Tudor (didn't write bio) - Microphone (1975), David Tudor Plays Cage and Tudor, Neural Network Plus, Neural Synthesis, Nos. 6-9, Three Works for Live Electronics: Pulsers/Untitled /Phonemes, Rainforest,
  • Christian Wolff -
  • Various - New Sounds in Electronic Music, CDCM Computer Music Series Vol. 7: Ear Studios at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Tro

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