Ani DiFranco (born September 23, 1970) is a progressive feminist singer, guitar player, and songwriter. She is openly bisexual and, in 1998, married sound engineer Andrew Gilchrist.

Ani's music has been classified as folk rock and alternative rock, but since her earlier albums she has developed her reach across genres, having collaborated with a wide range of artists including the pop musician Prince, the folk musician Utah Phillips and rapper Corey Parker. In various songs and albums, she has brought in the use of a variety of instrumentss as well as styles -- from brass, notably in 1998's Little Plastic Castle, and strings, particularly noticeable on the live album Living In Clip.

DiFranco is a prolific songwriter, having produced three studio albums of new material and one remix album just in 1999 (see list below). She has released at least one album every year since 1990.

Educated Guess, her newest album, is set for release on January 20, 2004. According to the Righteous Babe website, "not since the release of her second album back in 1991 has [Ani] been quite as much a solo act as she is on [Educated Guess]."[1] The only other person involved in the record was Greg Calbi, who mastered it; Ani DiFranco did all the performance and recording herself at home.

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Born in Buffalo, New York, Ani started playing gigs at the age of nine and built her career from there.

In 1989, at the age of eighteen, Ani started her own record company, Righteous Babe Records, with just $50, and recorded Ani DiFranco, issued in the winter of 1990. Later on she relocated to New York City and toured vigorously.


  • Ani DiFranco, 1990 self-titled debut album
  • Not So Soft, 1991 album
  • Imperfectly, 1992 album
  • Puddle Dive, 1993 album
  • Like I Said: Songs 1990-91, 1993 album
  • Out Of Range, 1994 album
  • Not A Pretty Girl, 1995 album
  • Dilate, 1996 album
  • More Joy, Less Shame, 1996 EP
  • The Past Didn't Go Anywhere, 1996 album with Utah Phillips
  • Living In Clip, 1997 double CD live album
  • Little Plastic Castle, 1998 album
  • Up Up Up Up Up Up, 1999 album
  • Little Plastic Remixes, 1999 remix album, limited distribution
  • Fellow Workers, 1999 album with Utah Phillips
  • To The Teeth, 1999 album
  • Revelling, Reckoning, 2001 double CD album
  • So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter, 2002 live double CD album
  • Evolve, 2003 album

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