Arnolfo di Lapo, also known as Arnolfo di Cambio, (1232 or 1245 - 1310) was a Florentine architect and sculptor.

His architectural work includes designing the Duomo in Florence (1294), the church of Santa Croce in Florence and the cathedral in Orvieto, Italy.

His sculpture includes:

  • Monument to Cardinal Annibaldi (1276)
  • Statue of Robert Anjou (1277)
  • Fountain of the Thirsty People in Perugia
  • Tomb of Cardinal de Braye in San Domenico, Orvieto (c.1282)

He was Nicola Pisanoís chief assistant on the marble pulpit for the Duomo in Siena (1265-68).

Giorgio Vasari includes a biography of Arnolfo in his Lives of the Artists.