Bjarne Stroustrup (born 1950 in Aarhus, Denmark) is a computer scientist and the College of Engineering Chair Professor of Computer Science at Texas A&M University. He is most notable for developing the C++ programming language.

Stroustrup, in his own words, "invented C++, wrote its early definitions, and produced its first implementation... chose and formulated the design criteria for C++, designed all its major facilities, and was responsible for the processing of extension proposals in the C++ standards committee." Stroustrup also wrote what many consider to be the standard introductory text to the language, "The C++ Programming Language", which is now in its third edition. The text has been revised twice to reflect the evolution of the language and the work of the C++ standards committee.

Born in Aarhus, Denmark; Stroustrup is Cand.Scient. in Mathematics and Computer Science (1975) from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and Ph.D. in Computer Science (1979) from Cambridge University, England. He formerly worked as the and the head of AT&T Lab's Large-scale Programming Research department, from its creation until late 2002.

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