A card game is any game using playing cards, either traditional or specialized. A participant in such a game is a card player.

Other games using cards include trading card games and combination games which use cards in addition to other playing equipment.

Table of contents
1 Trick-taking games
2 Matching games
3 Gambling games
4 Solitaire or Patience games
5 Shedding games
6 Accumulating games
7 Games with special decks
8 Cooperative games
9 Inductive games
10 Multi-genre games
11 Trading card games
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Trick-taking games

Matching games

These are also referred to as the Rummy family.

Gambling games

Solitaire or Patience games

(see a guide to solitaire terminology)

Shedding games

These are also referred to as the Stops family.

Accumulating games

Games with special decks

Cooperative games

Inductive games

Multi-genre games

  • Poke - a non-betting derivative of Poker with elements of trick-taking games
  • Most solitaire games are multi-genre.

Trading card games

See also: Board game

External links