The initialism CBM most often signifies one of the following:
  • The association of Canadian Baptist Ministries / Ministères Baptistes Canadienne
  • A number of usages is related to Commodore computers:
    • Commodore Business Machines, Inc, usually just referred to as Commodore, from 1976 part of Commodore International – the typewriter, adding machine, calculator and microcomputer company best known for the famous VIC-20, C64, and Amiga home/personal computers;
    • Commodore's first line of computers, the PET/CBM range;
    • The PET range's successors, the CBM-II business computers (aka Commodore's "B-range"); or
    • A prefix used in Commodore's product names, to indicate that Commodore was the product's manufacturer (like, "CBM 1541"); also used informally and colloquially in this meaning, as an abbreviation of "Commodore" when discussing the company's products.
  • Contra body movement in ballroom dancing.
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