The Church of Jesus Christ in Zion is a small sect of Mormonism located in Independence, Missouri. The group recognizes Roger E. Billings as a prophet and patriarch.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ in Zion are followers of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, Jr, but they believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has strayed from Smith's teachings. The church claims that Smith restored Priesthood keys to Ken Asay, who ordained Billings to be a Prophet and the Patriarch of Zion prior to Asay's death in 1985.

The church believes in a doctrine of "multiple lives". This doctrine is similar to reincarnation; however, humans may only be reborn as other humans.

The church operates an alternative science and math educational program named the International Academy of Science. Billings runs a number of businesses, including WideBand Corporation (a high-speed networking company), Billings Energy Corporation (a hydrogen fuel-cell research company), and Acellus Labs (a system of educational software).

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