Commodore Records is a United States based record label known for issuing many well regarded recordings of jazz and swing music.

Commodore Records was founded in the spring of 1938 by Milt Gabler, owner of the Commodore Music Shop in Manhattan, New York City. The bulk of Commodore's issues were of Dixieland jazz, though other styles also sometimes appeared on the label. Eddie Condon recorded frequently for the label, with such notables as George Brunies and Pee Wee Russell often in his band. Commodore was one of the first labels to list the full personnel of bands on the label.

Billie Holiday also recorded for Commodore, with "Strange Fruit" first appearing on that label.

After World War II Gabler went to work for Decca Records, and his Commodore label was later used by Decca for reissuing earlier jazz recordings on LP.

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