Corum is the name of a fantasy hero in a series of books written by Michael Moorcock. Corum is an aspect of Moorcock's Eternal Champion and is, therefore, related to some of his other characters, such as Elric and Hawkmoon. His books also draw heavily on ancient Celtic mythology, especially the second trilogy.

Corum has starred in the following Moorcock novels:

  • The Knight of the Swords (1971)
  • The Queen of the Swords (1971)
  • The King of the Swords (1971)
  • The Bull and the Spear (1973)
  • The Oak and the Ram (1973)
  • The Sword and the Stallion (1974)

The first three have been published in the UK under the omnibus title Corum, and the second three under the omnibus title The Prince with the Silver Hand.

In 2001 Darcsyde Productions produced a Role-playing game supplement for use with Chaosium's Elric and Stormbringer rules based upon the Corum novels.

Corum (Çorum) is also a town in the Corum Province of Turkey