Cottbus (Sorbian Chosebuz, Polish Chociebuz) is a city in Brandenburg, Germany situated around 125 km south-east of Berlin on the Spree river. Population: 118,500.

The settlement was established in the 10th century, when Sorbs erected a castle on a sandy island in the Spree river. The first mention of the town's name is of 1156. In the 13th century German settlers came to the place and lived from now on together with the Sorbs. In medieval times Cottbus was known for wool, and the drapery was exported to all of Brandenburg, Bohemia and Saxony. At some time before 1618 Cottbus was acquired by the Electors of Brandenburg, who later became Kings of Prussia. In 1815 the surrounding districts of Upper and Lower Lusatia were ceded by the Kingdom of Saxony to theKingdom of Prussia.

Cottbus is the cultural centre of the Sorbian minority. Many signs in the town are bilingual, but Sorbian is rarely spoken on the streets.

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