In the USA, the East Coast Greenway, or ECG, is a project to create a 2,600-mile urban path linking East Coast cities from Maine to Florida for non-motorized human transportation. Begun in 1991 the ECG is projected to be completed in 2010. The American Tobacco Trail is one of many Rails-to-Trails projects which form sections of this greenway.

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In 1991 a group of cyclists and long-distance trail enthusiasts met in New York City and formed a national non-profit organization, the East Coast Greenway Alliance, or ECGA, to plan and promote a greenway linking existing and planned trails into a contiguous spine route between Atlantic coast cities. In the summer of 1992 the ECGA sent nine cyclists from Boston, New York, Vermont, and Washington, D.C on a 30-day "exploratory" cycle tour. In June of 1999 the ECG was selected by the White House for designation as a National Millennium Trail. Between February and June of 2000, the ECG Wave relay transported a bottle of sea water from Key West, Florida up the eastern seaboard to Canada along the route of the ECG. Transportation was entirely non-motorized to celebrate the ECG's selection as a National Millennium Trail and to promote human-powered transportation.


Major cities connected by the spine route are:

  1. Calais, Maine
  2. Bangor, Maine
  3. Portland, Maine
  4. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  5. Boston, Massachusetts
  6. Providence, Rhode Island
  7. Hartford, Connecticut
  8. New Haven, Connecticut
  9. New York City, New York
  10. Trenton, New Jersey
  11. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  12. Wilmington, Delaware
  13. Baltimore, Maryland
  14. Annapolis, Maryland
  15. Washington, DC
  16. Richmond, Virginia
  17. Raleigh, North Carolina
  18. Wilmington, North Carolina
  19. Charleston, South Carolina
  20. Savannah, Georgia
  21. Jacksonville, Florida
  22. Miami, Florida
  23. Key West, Florida

There is also a coastal alternate route that connects Richmond to Wilmington by way of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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