Brown Falcon.
Scientific classification
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A Falcon is any of several species of bird of the genus Falco, such as the Peregrine Falcon which are raptors or 'birds of prey'.

Falcons have thin, pointed wings, which allow them to dive at extremely high speeds. (Peregrine Falcons are said to have reached speeds of up to 200 mph.)

Other falcons include the Gyrfalcon, Lanner Falcon, and the Merlin. Some small falcons with long, narrow wings are called hobbies.

The technique of hunting with birds of prey is known as falconry.

The falcons are part of the family Falconidae, which also includes the caracaras, Laughing Falcon, forest-falcons, and falconets.

    • Genus Falco
      • Lesser Kestrel, Falco naumanni
      • Common Kestrel, Falco tinnunculus
      • Madagascar Kestrel, Falco newtoni
      • Mauritius Kestrel, Falco punctatus
      • Seychelles Kestrel, Falco araea
      • Spotted Kestrel, Falco moluccensis
      • Nankeen Kestrel, Falco cenchroides
      • American Kestrel, Falco sparverius
      • Greater Kestrel, Falco rupicoloides
      • Fox Kestrel, Falco alopex
      • Grey Kestrel, Falco ardosiaceus
      • Dickinson's Kestrel, Falco dickinsoni
      • Banded Kestrel, Falco zoniventris
      • Red-necked Falcon, Falco chicquera
      • Red-footed Falcon, Falco vespertinus
      • Amur Falcon, Falco amurensis
      • Eleanora's Falcon, Falco eleonorae
      • Sooty Falcon, Falco concolor
      • Aplomado Falcon, Falco femoralis
      • Merlin, Falco columbarius
      • Bat Falcon, Falco rufigularis
      • Orange-breasted Falcon, Falco deiroleucus
      • Eurasian Hobby, Falco subbuteo
      • African Hobby, Falco cuvierii
      • Oriental Hobby, Falco severus
      • Australian Hobby, Falco longipennis
      • New Zealand Falcon, Falco novaeseelandiae
      • Brown Falcon, Falco berigora
      • Grey Falcon, Falco hypoleucos
      • Black Falcon, Falco subniger
      • Lanner Falcon, Falco biarmicus
      • Laggar Falcon, Falco jugger
      • Saker Falcon, Falco cherrug
      • Gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus
      • Prairie Falcon, Falco mexicanus
      • Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus
      • Taita Falcon, Falco fasciinucha
    • Genus Daptrius
    • Genus Phalcoboenus
    • Genus Polyborus
    • Genus Milvago
    • Genus Herpetotheres
    • Genus Micrastur
    • Genus Spiziapteryx
    • Genus Polihierax
    • Genus Microhierax

The Ford Falcon is a make of car, and the F-16 Fighting Falcon is a fighter aircraft. British Rail's sole Class 53 locomotive was named Falcon.