Frankie Goes To Hollywood (FGTH) were one of the big UK pop acts of the 1980s.

Emerging from the late 1970s Liverpool punk movement (key member Paul Rutherford had previously been in bands including The Spitfire Boys and Big In Japan), FGTH followed the fairy tale popstar life: after a few years of small shows in and around Liverpool, FGTH were signed up to Trevor Horn's new ZTT record label after a raw video for the song Relax was shown on music programme The Tube. Remixes by the barrowload soon followed, creating the market for extended 12" versions followed ever since. A Frankie T Shirt was the fashion statement in 1984, with a number of different versions based around the famous Katherine Hamnett Ban Nuclear Weapons NOW : "Frankie Say Relax Don't Do It", "Frankie Say War Hide Yourself", "Frankie Say Arm The Unemployed". (T shirts with "Frankie Says" - were fakes...). Contrary to popular belief, Frankie could play their instruments, as two world tours testified, and also only two of the band, Holly and Paul were actually Gay.

Frankie releases are still coming out, with re-released singles and 12" mix CDs appearing every few months somewhere in the world.

Note that Frankie Goes to Hollywood are no longer together or touring. A more recent band also called "The New Frankie Goes To Hollywood" fronted by a chap called Davey Johnson, who claims to be Holly's brother play a few Frankie tracks, are actually nothing to do with FGTH. Likewise "Davey Johnson" is no relative of Hollys.

Also not to be confused with the Frankie Goes To Hollywood conventions related to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • Holly Johnson - Vocals
  • Mark O'Toole - Bass
  • Brian Nash - Guitar
  • Peter Gill - Drums
  • Paul Rutherford - There for the smell of it

(Basic) Discography