Gedun Drub (1391-1474) (dge 'dun grub) is considered to be the first in the line of reincarnated Dalai Lamas of Tibet. Gedun Drub was a student of Je Tsongkhapa and was recognized as a Dalai Lama after his death.

Gendun Drub was born in a cowshed as the son of nomadic tribespeople, and raised as a shepherd until the age of seven. After this he was placed in Nartang monastery, and by the middle of his life he had become one of the most esteemed scholar-saints in the country.

Some of the most famous texts Gedun Drup wrote were:

  • Sunlight on the Path to Freedom, a commentary on Abhidharma-kosha
  • Crushing the Forces of Evil to Dust, an epic poem on the life and liberating deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni
  • Song of the Eastern Snow Mountain, a poem dedicated ot Je Tsongkhapa

Glenn Mullin's collection of translations of Gedun Drub's commentaries is a good start learning more about the prolific writings and teachings of this important Tibetan Buddhist teacher.