Gene Ray (born 1927) is the author of several websites on which he presents writings related to his concept of "Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Time Cube", which he claims represents the ineffable truth of the universe.

Ray worked as a master electrician in Florida for several decades and was also the inventor of several patented devices. He actively promoted the game of Marbles, publishing a book entitled "Mr Marbles: Marbles for Everyone", and planning a world marbles tournament. He created his well-known "Time Cube" website in August, 1997, after being banned from several Internet message boards; since then, he has updated it with new writings every few weeks for several years, resulting in a single massive page.

Ray has stated that his main reason for publicising what he claims to be the "Greatest Social and Scientific Discovery of Humanity" on the Internet is to induce a research group to evaluate the Time Cube, and control its release upon the public. Ray also offers $10,000 to any academic institution or professor who disproves Time Cube. However, critics maintain that it is unclear how Time Cube relates to any accepted concept of time, and that it is impossible to disprove it in a meaningful way due to an alleged lack of testable hypotheses. Due to the general attitude that Time Cube is eccentric nonsense, Ray poses no threat to academia and the government, entities which he considers evil. Although most people view Ray as a crank, some ("many thousands", according to Ray) apparently believe that he is really communicating the "Ineffable Cubic Truth of the Universe".

A typical Ray quotation is "Time is CUBIC, not linear as stupid educators teach." Ray has made comments on his sites which some people view as anti-Semitic or racist; however, Ray denies any such sentiments. He does, however, oppose the cultural expression of homosexuality. He says that "Bible's and Science's 1-day Earth rotation are evil scams".

Ray proclaimed himself a "Doctor of Cubicism" in December 2002, explaining that universities are too evil to bestow upon him such a prestigious honour of wisdom. In January 2002, he lectured and debated Time Cube with students at MIT. This event was the first such presentation within an academic institution.

Gene Ray explains the 4/16 Rotation Principle, an important element of Time Cube, as follows: "If Earth stood still, it would have mid-day, mid-night, sun-up and sun-down as 4 corners. Each rotation of earth has 4 mid-days, 4 mid-nights, 4 sun-ups and 4 sun-downs. The sixteen (16) space times demonstrates cube proof of 4 full days simultaneously on earth within one (1) rotation. The academia created 1 day greenwich time is bastardly queer and dooms future youth and nature to a hell."

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