Indian Summer tm Beadwork Click on any photo for a larger image/photos are located above descriptions We are located in a perfect location to purchase local Indian beadwork from various Native Americans. The majority of our work is Shoshone. The Shoshone Bannock Reservation is just two hours away over the border in Idaho and many Shoshone people have made Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas their home. In addition to the Shoshone beadwork, we get Navajo beadwork from locals, and also from families located nearby on the Reservation in the Four Corners Area. The buckskin used with the Indian beadwork we carry is not a commercially tanned hide. It is brain tanned, a tanning process using the brain of the deer which makes the leather very soft. Some buckskin is left white while some is "smoked" and is soft brown in appearance, and carries a heavenly smoked scent. With beadwork becoming harder and harder to find, we are always pleased to find new artists that continue to carry on the tedious labors of traditional beadwork.
    We also feature Pueblo beadwork, which we pick up mainly at Zuni Pueblo and Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico. Ute work from the Ute tribe near Vernal Utah, as well as the Southern Utes located near Cortez, Colorado, Goshiute  work from Skull Valley out towards the Nevada border, and occasionally some Nez Perce' , Ojibwa and Choctaw beaded items.  Many of our beaders have had their work displayed in museums across the west, featured in national art magazines and have had many local write ups in the Salt Lake Tribune on their work. We purchase only the finest handmade pieces. Some articles have the "peyote" stitch which is a difficult and time consuming style to do. Our medicine pouches, ration bags, medallions, etc. have been made sewing single beads one at a time onto each piece. Numerous pieces of our Indian beadwork contain cut beads which are facetted and give a shimmery look to the item. All seed beads used are glass beads and many are vintage antique beads which are no longer available for purchase. We, at Indian Summer Native American Arttm are very proud to bring you what we feel is some of the highest quality Indian beadwork available today. 
(jill holmes 1996)

Click here for info on beadwork artist: Laine Thom

Additional Beaded pouches located on Fetish Page #15 !!!! 

BW-100(PC) Linda Harrelson's Shoshone fully beaded (front sides only) traditional lizard and turtle amulet set. These replicas of older pieces were traditionally made to hold the umbilical cord of a newborn baby to help ensure a long life. Both turtle and lizard represent longevity. Beautiful Autumn colors. Great for displaying. Traditionl geometric patterns, some older beads used. Braintanned hide used. These have straps that can fasten to a cradleboard, crib, wherever you would like to show them off! Lizard is 4 1/2" L x 3 1/4" W. Turtle is 3 1/4" L x 4" W with leather fringed legs. Linda's work is shown in museums throughout the West, and her work appears in several publications. Highly collectible! $130.00SET

BW-101 Sharon Noonan's traditional Shoshone Medicine Bag is smoked, brain tanned hide, and fully lined!  This is a beauty!  Hairpipe (bone) and brass beads used on handles.  Fold over flap keeps pouch closed.  Flap is edged with grape and transparent rose beads.  Beautiful and traditional beaded pattern continues from front to back.  Very similar to a "Ration Bag" size.  This pouch could hold a larger fetish, cedar, sage, tobacco....whatever you wish! Or just display's gorgeous!  4" L x 3 3/4" W. $98.00 

BW-102 ROSE           BW-102 BLUE          BW-102 BLACK        BW-102 EMERALD 
BW-102 GRAPE    BW-102 RED     BW-102 TURQUOISE 

BW-102: Please specify # and color when ordering! These are beautiful handmade, and beaded leather pouches made by Navajo artist Valerie Willie. The beads used to edge the pouches and form the raised center turtles are tiny #13 cut glass (faceted) beads that are harder to work with than larger beads, but work up beautifully, and have a gorgeous shimmer to them! The workmanship and quality on these pouches is excellent! Crystal beads and sterling silver cone jinglers adorn bottoms of pouches, and the pouches have a drawstring opening. The turtle represents "long life". These are perfect to carry a special fetish, stone or keepsake in! CLICK ON TO SEE QUALITY AND DETAIL! Each pouch is approximately 2 1/2" H x 2" W plus additional length with beads and jinglers at bottom. Beautiful just to display! $48.00 EACH

BW-103A                          BW-103B 
Lolita Butcher's Navajo soft hide pouches with geometric patterns in red, royal blue and sky blue 1/4" length traditional bugle beads.  Wrap around ties attached at the side for safe keeping.  Great Medicine bag size, or perfect to carry a larger( or smaller!) fetish or keepsake in!  5 1/4" L x 2 3/4" W. Specify  BW "A" or BW "B"  when ordering. $45.00 EACH 

BW-104 Jerolyn Hall's Shoshone coin purse is very striking with white background and fire color traditional pattern.  Great collectible, or  perfect for use! Brain tanned and smoked hide.  Zipper opening.  3" L x 2 1/4" H x 1 1/4" W.