Jacopo della Quercia (c1374-1438) was the best known Sienese sculptor of the Italian Renaissance. He was one of the sculptors who competed to design the baptistry doors for Florence's cathedral, but was beaten by Ghiberti. Jacopo's work shows the influence of his contemporary Donatello, although his work is considered to have a more Gothic feel to it.

His works include the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto (c1406) in Lucca cathedral, the Fonte Gaia (1408-19) in Siena the Trenta family altar (1422) in S.Frediano, Lucca, stone reliefs in S. Petronio (1425) in Bologna and the font in the baptistry of Siena's cathedral.

Giorgio Vasari includes a biography of Jacopo della Quercia in his Lives of the Artists.