Jerome Mincy (Born 1964) is a Puerto Rican born basketball player of American Parents. He was born at Base Ramey military air base in Aguadilla.

Jerome joined the BSN's Vaqueros De Bayamon when he turned 18, in 1982, after a failed attempt at making the roster of the NBA's New York Knicks. He took the Vaqueros to two championships and many final appearances.

He also played for Puerto Rico's national basketball team from 1983 to 2002. He retired from the BSN after the 2002 Finals and from the Puerto Rican national team after the 2002 world championships in Indianapolis. He participated in 4 Olympic Games competitions representing Puerto Rico. He announced he will keep on the national team, but on an office position.

The Vaqueros team announced they will retire his jersey, number 8, at the start of next season. However, Mincy was traded to the Leones de Ponce before the season began. At a recent Leones visit to the Vaqueros home-court for a game, a fan was kicked out of the game, allegedly for carrying a poster that thanked Mincy for the years played with the Vaqueros.

Mincy enjoys talking to his fans and signing autographs, and he seems to like his celebrity status in Puerto Rico.