Microsoft Office is a series of suites of productivity programs by Microsoft.

They have generally included:

They have sometimes also included: Beginning with the 1997 edition, Microsoft Agent (in 2000 and up) and a similar actor technology (in 97) have been used to provide the Office Assistant, sometimes dubbed "Clippy" or "Clippit", an interactive help tool.

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Major Microsoft Windows versions include:

  • Office 4.3 (The last 16-bit version; Word 6.0, etc.)
  • Office 95 (Word 95, etc.)
  • Office 97 (Word 97, etc.)
  • Office 2000 (Word 2000, etc.)
  • Office XP (Word 2002, etc.)
  • Office 2003 (Word 2003, etc.) - released October 21, 2003

There have been variants of the later versions such as Small Business Edition, Professional Edition and Developer Edition with slightly different collections of applications.

Apple Macintosh versions include:

  • Office 98 (Word 98, etc)
  • Office 2001 (Word 2001, etc)
  • Office v.X (Word X, etc)


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