A model car is a toy which represents an automobile, generally reproducing the shapes of actually produced vehicles, in small scale.

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1 Model cars
2 Toy and collectible cars
3 Radio control model cars

Model cars

Model car most frequently refers to scale miniatures of real production vehicles, designed as kits for the enthusiast to construct. They can be created in plastic, die-cast metal, resin, even wood. The best kits have incredible levels of detail, even in parts unseen when the finished model is on display.

Compare model airplane, model railway, model rocket, and model ship.

Toy and collectible cars

Some toys which mimic production vehicles qualify as model cars. These are generally sold complete, needing no construction by the consumer.

Brands of model cars:

Dinky Toy

Radio control model cars

Main article: Model radio-controlled car

Radio control cars which can be built from kits make for a popular hobby. These cars are remotely controlled by radio signal, and can be powered by electricity or by nitro-fueled engines.

See also Model.