Mongolia is a region of East and Central Asia comprising the independent state of Mongolia, People's Republic of China-controlled Inner Mongolia and other small regions, inhabited by the Mongols. In the narrow sense, Mongolia refers to the state of Mongolia in the north, which consists of Outer Mongolia and Hovd.

Note: this article is about the region. For the country of Mongolia, see Mongolia (country).

Administrative districts of Mongolia during the Qing Dynasty

The distrists of the Mongols during the late Qing Dynasty. This list is mainly based on Menggu youmuji (蒙古遊牧記).

Regions under the direct control

  • Chakhar
  • Guihua Tümed
  • Külün Buyir (Barghu)

Inner Mongolia
  • Jirim League
    • Khorchin
    • Ghorlus
    • Dörbed
    • Jalayid
  • Josutu League
    • Kharachin
    • Tümed
  • Juu Uda League
    • Aokhan
    • Naiman
    • Baarin
    • Jarud
    • Aru Khorchin
    • Ongnuud
    • Kesigüten
    • Khalkha Left Wing
  • Sili-yin Ghoul League
    • Üjümüchin
    • Khuuchid
    • Sünid
    • Abagha
    • Abaghanar
  • Ulaan Chab League
    • Dörben Küüked
    • Muumingghan
    • Urad
    • Khalkha Right Wing
  • Yeke Juu League
    • Ordus

Outer Mongolia
  • Kerülen Bars Khota League
    • Chechen Khan
  • Khan Uula League
    • Tösiyetü Khan
  • Checherlig League
    • Sayin Noyan
  • Biidüriye Nuur League
    • Jasaghtu Khan

    • Alashan Oolud
    • Ejine Torghuud
    • Köke Nuur
      • Khoshuud Banners
      • Choros Banners
      • Khoyid Banner
      • Torghuud Banners
      • Khalkha Banner
  • Other four Oyirad leagues

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