St Oswald, King of Bernicia AD 604-642. Son of Ęthelfrith of Bernicia, King of Northumbria.

He is considered to have been Bretwalda in the years 633-641. He died AD 642 at Maserfield.

When his brothers were killed by the British King Cadwalla, he gathered an army and marched against him. The day before the battle, he made his soldiers construct a wooden cross. Oswald knelt down, holding the cross in position until enough earth had been thrown in the hole to make it stand firm. He then prayed and asked his army to join in. He defeated Cadwalla, recovered his father's throne. He was killed by the King of Mercia at the battle of Maserfield. His feast day is August 9th.

He married Cyneburh of Wessex. With her he had:

  • Ęthelwald, King of Deira

Preceded by:
Edwin of Deira
List of British monarchs Succeeded by:
Oswiu of Northumbria