Queer culture is the heritage of culture, knowledge, and references to which Queer people fall heir by the fact of their sexual orientation.

The idea is quite contentious. Some argue that there are too many queer people who do not participate in Queer culture for the idea to be meaningful, or that Queer culture constitutes a stereotype. It may be pointed as an attempt by queer community leaders to dogmatize the group and prevent more masculine gay men and more feminine lesbians from being themselves.

Others argue that Queer culture is an undeniable fact, and/or that it constitutes the basis of a Queer nation with a common understanding and history.

Among the first to argue that Queer people constitute a cultural minority as well as being just individuals were Harry Hay and the Mattachine Society.

Queer culture can include various elements, such as

Queer communities organize a number of events to celebrate Queer culture, such as pride parades; one of the largest such events is the Gay Games.

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