Television are an Americann rock and roll band of the 1970s. They were among several significant bands performing regularly in New York City at the end of that decade. Their records are noted for sometime poet Tom Verlaine's abstract lyrics and the interplay between the guitars of Verlaine and Lloyd. The band initially made only two studio albums before an acrimonious split, but they were stylistically influential and their complicated music flew in the face of the prevailing mood for punk rock. They briefly reformed for an eponymous third album in 1992.

After being wooed back onstage together for the 2001 All Tomorrow's Parties at Camber Sands, England, they have played a number of dates around the world, and continue to tour on an irregular basis.


  • Marquee Moon 1977 (highly acclaimed)
  • Adventure 1978 (highly acclaimed as well)
  • The Blow-Up 1982 (recorded 1978) (bootleg tape gone legit, awful sound quality)
  • Television 1992 (highly anticipated, not well received by all)
  • Live at the Old Waldorf 2003 (recorded 1978) (taken from an FM broadcast on their 1978 tour) (recently remastered, officially released, clean sound quality; far superior fidelity to The Blow-Up)