Raul De Molina (born 1955) is a famous photographer and paparazzo. He was born in Cuba.

De Molina has won many awards as a photo journalist throught his career, including one earned in Atlanta in 1989. During the early 1990s, he was hired by Telemundo USA to work alongside Enrique Gratas in Ocurrio Asi. De Molina was given the job of searching for entertainment star news for the tabloid television show. At this phase of his life, he became a celebrity himself, and caused the ire of some other celebrities. An infamous moment between him and a star came when he chased Madonna down a Miami beach. The video taped of that moment has been shown multiple times at different networks, including MTV.

De Molina also later worked with Maria Celeste Arraras and Milka Arellano in another television show. Ironically, it was other papparazzo who threatened to break up De Molina's marriage by taking photos of him and Arellanos eating ice cream together at a restaurant, but De Molina's marriage was not affected, partly because he, Arraras and Arellano always professed to have a family like relationship between the three of them.

In 1998, De Molina parted to Univision, where he started to host the daily show El Gordo y La Flaca (The Fat Boy and The Skinny Girl, an obvious reference to Laurel and Hardy's Spanish nickname of El Gordo y El Flaco), alongside Gloria Estefan's cousin-in law and former Don Francisco model Lily Estefan. De Molina is called El Gordo in the show, and Estefan is La Flaca.

Many times during the show, De Molina has expressed solidarity with entertainers who are in trouble, but others, he has been involved in controversy, notably the one with Patty Navidad. His interview with Andres Garcia on September 3, 2003, was also pretty heated up, but he and Garcia ended up the conversation by declaring their friendship.

De Molina has enjoyed popularity as host of the Univision show and gained more celebrity. He acquired a large mansion in Miami, (house which has been the object of magazine articles), and he and his family, which now includes a small daughter, have enjoyed vacations to places like India (with Arraras and her husband, after De Molina had departed for Univision), Disney World and Thailand.