Regional is Amtrak's service between Washington, DC and Boston. It was also known as the NortheastDirect and Acela Regional. Amtrak removed the "Aclea" from the name due to mass confusion by passengers with the high speed Acela Express. There is frequent daily daily service. Most trains are unreserved. Most have Business Class and a Cafe Car. Trains run all hours of the day, and one train, "The Federal" provides late-night/early morning service between Washington and Boston, giving the corridor 24-hour service.

Trains are usually 3-10 cars long, with a electric locomotive pulling at the head end. The electric locomotives are AEM7 class, built 1978-1987 with 7000 horsepower, or a Acela HHP-8 built 1999-2002, with 8000 horsepower. The cars are Amfleet I and II series passenger cars built by the Budd Company in the mid to late 1970s. At leat several of the cars are coaches, one or two may be Business Class, and there is one Cafe Car (sometimes two).

There is frequent service Washington, DC-New York and Washington-Boston throughout the day. There is some service to Springfield, Massachusetts, either through to Washington or via a connection at New Haven. Some trains go as far south as Newport News or Richmond in Virginia

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Classes of service


Amtrak Acela Regional/NortheastDirect

Trains on this route stop at these stations:

Inland Route

Hartford and Springfield)